Sluggish Browser? Here’s How to Speed Up Chrome Browser

Once upon a time, Chrome was one of the fastest browsers, and people were amazed to see a browser so fast and secure. But it was rarely used by people as internet explorer was popular among people. Today, Chrome is the most commonly used browser, but there are times when it does not work or slows down. No one likes a browser that takes forever to load! However, if your browser is slow, do not blame it on your connection, as there are several other reasons.

Here are simple tips and tricks to speed up your browser.

Tips to Speed up Your Browser

Following these tips can speed up your browser and improve your overall online experience.

Upgrade Your Browser

Use the latest browser version as developers are constantly updating the software to patch up loopholes. Therefore, if you use an older version, it will make your browsing experience slow. Newer browsers are generally faster and more efficient.

Next time you feel your browser is slow, update it to the latest version. Even if updating does not speed up your browser, it can protect you from cyber-attacks.

Clear Cache and Cookies

We are so busy using the internet that we keep piling up cookies and cache. Cookies and caches make your online experience smooth by saving the data on your browser. Therefore, you should clear your browsing history and cache regularly. This will help improve performance by helping the programs run better.

Disable Unnecessary Plugins and Extensions

Several applications and extensions run within Chrome. Every single application requires a certain amount to operate. Therefore, the more extensions you use, the more bogged down your browser can become.

Unnecessary plugins and extensions are also the cause of crashes and errors. You should always look at the list of your installed applications and plugins and remove them to speed up your browser. You can type “chrome. extensions” in the address bar and check each extension thoroughly to eliminate the unnecessary ones.

Do Not Open Extra Tabs

One major reason why Chrome slows down is that you have too many active tabs at once. Do not open too many tabs, no matter how hectic your research work is. Your hoarding habit can bog your browser down. Simply put, the more active tabs, the slower your browser will get.

You will never get your work done because none of your tabs will load properly. So, act smartly and close the tabs that are not important.

Run a Malware Scan

Before you get frustrated or call your internet service provider, please ensure you do not have any malware in your system.

You visit so many unreliable pages each day the advertisements on those pages track your online behavior and collect your key data. In this way, powerful malware sometimes attacks your system, slowing down your web pages. Also, avoid downloading unnecessary files or attachments that look fishy.

Run a quick scan with the help of any anti-virus software to ensure that there isn’t any malware in your system.

Reset Chrome  

You might think this is a basic step, but as basic as it sounds, it is significant! Sometimes due to excessive internet usage, the browser gets slow. Stay patient, uninstall your browser from your laptop, and download it again to have a clean slate to start over.

Be mindful not to start opening unnecessary tabs again. Most of the time, we cannot catch the exact issue causing browsing problems. Therefore, this step can help you tackle the issue easily, so you enjoy browsing all over again.

Change Your Internet Service Provider

When you have tried everything, but your browsing speed is slower than usual, it’s time to change your internet service provider. Always look for a reliable internet service provider who offers high-speed internet at affordable prices. We recommend you subscribe to Windstream Kinetic by reaching out to Windstream customer service

Windstream offers packages by consider the users in mind, so opt for the right package to ensure your browsing experience is smooth.

In Brief

We hope you are going to follow the tips given above to ensure that your browser works well. Slow internet is not always the major reason; sometimes, our browsing habits affect our browser speed.

Whether you want to use the browser for some work or entertainment, you will not get any of the things down. A slow browser can affect your productivity and consume a lot of time. So, always act smartly and use the aforementioned tips to improve your browsing experience.

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